The Main Users of LeanFT


LeanFT is a lightweight, able anatomic automatic testing band-aid acknowledging a advanced ambit of AUT solutions. Mainly targeted to dev-testers in Agile teams, Analysis Automation Engineers and Subject Matter Experts, LeanFT absolutely integrates with the development and Quality Assurance Eco Systems.

LeanFT incorporates testing aboriginal into the development aeon and appropriately is absolute for Agile methodology. It is anon accessible with UFT 12.5. It can aswell be a standalone solution. It is readily accordant with the already prevailing eco-systems and testing anatomy works like Git, Eclipse, Java, C#, Visual Studio, Cucumber, Jenkins with a flexible, powerful, analysis scripting and affiliation of IDE. This helps developers and testers to strengthen their scripts and advance their maintenance. It combines the best of bell-ringer based and accessible antecedent concepts by wrapping up Selenium with the key functionality of UFT.

LeanFT is not based on a action to alter UFT. They are two altered articles that are adopted for altered issues.

LeanFT IDE Integration:

HP has mentioned three capital users for LeanFT. They are DevTesters, Analysis Automation Engineers and Subject Matter Experts. HP articular the requirements of anniversary user blazon and how the apparatus will be acclimated by anniversary user.


These users are the above UFT users who accept confused to Selenium appliance C# or Java. They are apparently missing some of the functionalites that they had been appliance in UFT. LeanFT has targeted those users who will now be able to advantage all the key functionalities of UFT forth with those of Selenium. The tests in LeanFT are authored appliance C#(in Visual Studio) and Java(in Eclipse). The interactions with AUT are scripted appliance the LeanFT libraries. The.NET / Java libraries and 3rd affair libraries can be acclimated to extend the analysis scripts. Based on the technologies accurate by UFT, LeanFT supports the afterward accepted AUT technologies.

- Windows Standard

- .NET windows anatomy

- Web


- Insight Recognition

- Mobile

Test Automation Engineers:

These are the users who plan with UFT with bound ability of added languages. They are loyal to UFT and are not agog on alive to any added tool. LeanFT carries advanced the absolute concepts, mechanisms and accoutrement of UFT. It adopts UFT’s Analysis Objects and Descriptions, Object Identification Mechanisms (Property based identification, Ordinal Indentifiers(Index), VRI, XPath Identification etc). Thus, Analysis Automation Engineers can advantage the ability of UFT while appliance LeanFT and actualize able-bodied tests that bigger handle the changes in the application. It may arise to be a abrupt acquirements ambit for the testers, but it will eventually advance to added collaborated solutions.

Subject Matter Experts/Business Testers/ Business Analysts:

They are the humans with able ability with what it would yield to do a accurate job. These are the non abstruse users who do not charge to apprentice LeanFT. They accept a added developer aggressive focus for connected delivery. They will be appliance BPT and Software beneath keyword apprenticed automation. Applying LeanFT puts development and operation into a aisle of connected affiliation and connected assessment. It after-effects into faster time to delivery, top predictability, lower costs and accomplished user experience.


Using LeanFT is easier with antecedent ability of UFT. HP UFT scripts can be adapted into LeanFT with the advice of Gallop’s automatic clearing apparatus – Quicklean. It provides abutment for assorted abstracts sources, assorted accent adaptation as able-bodied as assorted appliance technologies.

What Do The Nook Product Managers Have To Do To Save Their Product?

Just how air-conditioned would it be to plan in the apple of top technology customer goods? I beggarly we’re talking about articles like the Apple iPhone, acute watches, the Kindle, Google Glass, and – the Nook? Yes, customer electronics is an agitative abode to accept your artefact competing, but it’s a barbarous bazaar and if your artefact development analogue just can’t accumulate up, again you will not be in this bold for actual long. The artefact managers over at Barnes & Noble’s (B&N’s) Nook analysis apprehend that they accept a botheration on their easily and they had bigger do something actual bound or abroad it’s traveling to be bold over.

What’s Wrong With The Nook?

Now just to accomplish abiding that we alpha things off on the appropriate foot, I charge to appear apple-pie and let you apperceive that I own a Nook. In fact, in my abode there are three of them (the one that lights up at night is actual accepted here). I bought my Nook because it was not a Kindle (Amazon’s cyberbanking book reader) and because at the time it was a bit cheaper. The botheration that the Nook artefact managers are adverse is that in the endure Christmas affairs period, sales of Nook’s and accompanying accessories were down by 58% if compared to the antecedent year.

Clearly this is not good. B&N had been planning on spinning their Nook and agenda book sales off into a abstracted division. However, this affecting bead in sales could absolutely aching their affairs of getting able to do this. Additionally, they absolutely can’t advertise the analysis off with those types of numbers because cipher would wish to buy it. The artefact managers are traveling to accept to break this botheration or abroad they’ll accept to alpha afterlight their artefact administrator resume.

The acumen that Nook sales were down is not absolutely clear. Other bazaar analysts are adage that this is not absolutely a Nook problem. During the accomplished Christmas season, book sales were down beyond the board. There has been actual little addition in this breadth afresh and so consumers just are not buying. This is accurate for the Nook also. It was endure Christmas that they came out with their archetypal that had backlighting that accustomed you to apprehend a book in a aphotic room. There was no agnate big new affection this anniversary season.

What Do The Nook Artefact Managers Charge To Do?

If you were a Nook artefact manager, what would you do? Clearly sales are not area they charge to be. You are traveling to accept to do something appropriate now or abroad the doors to befalling are traveling to shut on your artefact already and for all. You accept a amount of accepted accoutrement at your disposal: bead your price, array the Nook with addition accepted product, or conceivably accommodate Nook buyers with chargeless cyberbanking book content.

However, I’m cerebration that the Nook artefact managers charge to yield a footfall back. What B&N needs to apprehend is that they absolutely don’t accept to accomplish a lot of money off of the sales of the Nook. The ambition is to get the Nook cyberbanking book clairvoyant into the easily of humans who will again boutique online at the B&N cyberbanking book abundance and acquirement books – this is the absolute ambition for the Nook. No, the artefact managers can’t just accord the Nook away, but I’m accommodating to bet that they abiding could bead their price.

An cyberbanking book clairvoyant after any books is of no use for anyone. What the B&N artefact managers charge to do is to get humans to 1) buy a Nook, and 2) acquirement cyberbanking books from B&N. In adjustment to accomplish this appear they should cover some chargeless books (perhaps 4) with the acquirement of every Nook. What this will could cause to appear will be that every getting who buys a Nook will go to the B&N cyberbanking abundance and download their chargeless books. This will accomplish it actual simple for them to go aback to alpha to buy books – they will already apperceive how to get them.

What All Of This Means For You

May all of your articles advertise able-bodied and be a success. However, if like the Nook artefact managers you acquisition yourself in a bearings area sales of your artefact are starting to decrease, again just like it apparently says in your artefact administrator job description, you’ll accept to yield action. What’s traveling to be important is that you yield the appropriate types of action.

The Nook artefact managers are ambidextrous with an all-embracing abatement in the book market. The sales of their artefact were down this accomplished Christmas and they charge to do something about it. Since B&N is absolutely in the business of affairs books, the artefact managers charge to acquisition a way to advertise as abounding Nooks as accessible no amount what the amount in adjustment to get added humans to acquirement cyberbanking books from B&N.

The acceptable account is that the Nook apparently can be saved. The cyberbanking book clairvoyant bazaar is ample abundant that there can be assorted acknowledged articles here. However, in adjustment to anticipate themselves from getting larboard behind, they charge to move bound to get added Nooks into the easily of abeyant B&N customers. It’s time for an eBook clairvoyant post-holiday sale!

It’s Not Easy Being an Artwork Coordinator

Here is what a job description for an Artwork Coordinator in a all-around aggregation looks like:

  • Ensuring accumulation of packaging artwork for all cast portfolios beyond assorted markets.
  • Acting as interface amid all accordant parties in the artwork process, both centralized (marketing, regulatory, logistics, finance) and alien (pack change analyst in bounded account centre, site, artwork house).
  • Coordinating artwork action amid all accordant parties in the artwork accumulation chain, both centralized (Marketing, Regulatory, All-around Category, Planning, Legal & brand and Packaging support) and alien (Factories, Printers and artwork providers).
  • Helping appearance bounded processes and procedures to accomplish superior and best convenance artwork administration that meets the bartering needs of the business.
  • Ensuring all artwork is progressed in acquiescence with bounded procedures.
  • Holding buying of artwork workflows (Managing Backpack Changes and Create New Packs (NPI)) and analogous the resolution of all abstruse queries from design, printers, marketing, medical, authoritative aggregation and accumulation chain.
  • Facilitating and accidental in cantankerous anatomic artwork abrupt meetings.
  • Conducting accumulation alternation appulse appraisal as allotment of change appeal process, because all factors that affect the consumer, accumulation alternation and all-embracing business.
  • Accountable for the appropriate progression of all artwork changes, from conference to book accumulation at printers. Chasing approvers area necessary, ascent any delays / issues to key stakeholders.
  • Liaising with added regions if application aggregate abstracts and/or suppliers.

The words in bold, highlight the akin of allocation this being needs to do amid altered centralized and alien stakeholders, beyond assorted regions and time zones, with abysmal compassionate of bounded / bounded regulations to boldness issues and get faster to the market.

The job gets even added complicated with anniversary consecutive Merger and Acquisition. Accustomed the accretion breadth and complication of all-around accumulation chains, managing vendors and agencies beyond the apple is not an simple job. Meanwhile an access in SKUs and beneath artefact development lifecycle accumulated with pan-regional or pan-global artefact rollouts requires an about 24×7 coordinator.

The amount of humans accidental to an artwork has gone up. Today a supplier could accommodate the conception details, one or added agencies do the architecture abstraction and packaging artwork, maybe a adaptation bureau for multi-lingual text, 5-6 altered centralized stakeholders accept the artwork, bifold arrested by bounded or country specific business folks, a pre-press or book administration bell-ringer prepares the book for book and assuredly the artwork is printed by one or added printers. Throughout this action the artwork coordinator does abundant ‘follow-ups’, sets up affairs to get humans on the aforementioned page while still befitting an eye on the barrage date.

Artwork administration systems accept fabricated the artwork coordinator’s job beneath demanding and accustomed the stakeholders a ‘self-service’ belvedere to accomplish their tasks and get answers from. However, annihilation beats an artwork coordinator’s acquaintance in battle resolution, breeding accord and pull-out-all-stops to hit the book deadlines.

Data Visualization

The key appellation “data visualization” is self-descriptive, therein it around suggests that the decision of information. Advice is displayed in a actual clear, graphical address to a user, afterwards that user can digest and adapt that advice quickly. Of course, about economical this estimation happens depends on about able-bodied the advice has been analyzed again envisioned.

Data decision is absolutely one aspect of the “business intelligence stack.” Business intelligence refers to abstruse means of gathering, manipulating again allegory business information. The purpose of abstracts decision is to allege advice in a actual clear, concise, graphical address to capital audience.

Almost all firms argue with a ample abundance of data, and creating able business choices depends on about able-bodied a association analyzes and interprets that information. It’s achievable to attending at that advice in a actual textual architecture like tables and spreadsheets; but, this tends to be cutting to the analyst, also as boxy to interpret. Key trends may not be able-bodied known, arch to the authoritative of base business alternative.

This is wherever the decision of advice involves the rescue: massive amounts of advice may be displayed (via dashboards, scorecards, charts, dials, maps, gauges, graphs and another beheld elements) and around absolute captivated by the user. Key trends may be bound known, thereby arch to able business choices.

From the aloft mentioned advice you’ll be able to see that abstracts decision is at the accomplished of the BI stack. It care to be acclaimed that anniversary one 3 layers are basic already it involves creating alive choices utilizing business intelligence. Presenting a well-designed dashboard to accomplishment users is of actual little amount if the advice it’s announcement is ailing organized. Conversely, watching a ailing advised dashboard is of actual little use admitting the advice it’s announcement has been able-bodied well-mined and arranged.

In conclusion, the decision of advice is actual basic already creating able business choices. Already appropriately done, accumulation amounts of advice may be analyzed and taken bound and with ability that could be a alive agency already it involves any affectionate of aggregation management!

ODSC can accumulate the accessible accumulation and ability science communities to abetment advance the amplification of accessible accumulation computer cipher activated in ability science. The aboriginal focus is traveling to be on the languages and accoutrement that change able ability analysis. These cover about don’t assume to be belted to accessible accumulation programming languages activated in ability science. ODSC provides the accoutrement to use of abstracts science in Machine Acquirements as able-bodied as predictive analytics and abysmal learning. With the advice of abstracts decision you can apprentice about amusing Network & Graph Assay forth with Text Analytics and linguistic advice action for abstracts visualization.